Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The misty origins of DonkeyBlog, Part II: Zen and Blogging

If a Blog entry is posted,
but no one is able to view it,
was it ever really posted?

Some friends of mine recently travelled to an area of India where they hoped to hook-up with some pundits, or Holy Men, whose lives’ work, and indeed that of all their ancestors, is to compile the familial history of everyone in the world, and place that detailed information onto one of many billions of ancient, intricate scrolls. Millions of pilgrims visit them each year to learn about their past lives, and, more usefully, to learn about how their actions and mistakes in past lives can be learned from, and the lessons used to guide their actions in this one.

Clare and Dan’s excitement at their impending adventure got me to thinking about what I could possibly learn from my own past lives, and indeed I wondered what my past lives could possibly have involved. I guess karma, which dictates various rises in wealth and importance with each incarnation (let’s face it, I haven’t come very far), and the law of averages, probably points towards my familial history as featuring extreme poverty and dung for dinner, but still one likes to fantasize about what contribution one may have made to the development of the modern era.

To be honest, I couldn’t think of myself as ever having been much of a monarch, aristocrat, military leader or wealthy merchant, and I was very willing to resign myself to simple serf or landless vagabond, until the events of this week made me realise that I am from far more politically influential stock than I could ever have imagined …

“Excuse Me, are you the Czar?”
“Well yes I am, actually”
“BANG! Take that, Fascist! That’s what happens when you’re not working class!”

That’s right, my ancestors were freakin’ revolutionaries! The Bastille, Russia, Cuba … the Donkeys were there at all of ‘em. And how do I know this?

Well my Dear Blog-surfers, last week, if you were logging onto this Blog from anywhere outside India, absolutely nothing would have appeared amiss (except perhaps the fact that the internet actually provides a forum for this kind of dribble), but if you were living here with me, or trying to access this from anywhere within this country, you would have been aware that DonkeyBlog had been blocked by the Indian Ministry of Communications.


Clearly, DonkeyBlog’s bashing-out some pretty racy stuff that’s just a bit too hot for the Bourgeois down at the Ministry of Communications to handle, and obviously DonkeyBlog’s cutting-edge social commentary is too irresistible for India’s impressionable youth to pass by! Not surprisingly, those Indian Government capitalist pigs with their snouts in the trough were quite-rightly shitting themselves as they realised the potential of the situation; after all, what are they going to do when The Kids get wind of all this free-thinking; all these radical ideas? That’s right, before you know it … Revolution!

So they tried to block me out, but you can’t keep a Social Freedom Fighter down for long. The media frenzy that Donkey stirred-up over this one was so intense, that the ol’ MoC picked-up their act pretty quick smart. There’s another one for The People!

So you see, Che, Karl, Vlad and Donkey … we’re all of the same stock! We’re all … y’know … Comrades!

Thanks to Ben Elton's The Young Ones, for the photo and the lines.