Friday, July 07, 2006

The misty origins of DonkeyBlog, Part I

When Donkey's wearing his power-clobber for his daily run around the maze, he often has occasion to peruse the websites of International NGOs. While bashing it out for The Man today, Donkey noticed just how similar DonkeyBlog is in appearance to the Oxfam website (, and he got to wondering...

...hang-on a minute, if I just spin that logo upside down ... Hmmm, I thought so ... it's Donkey!

So, Donkey's nothing but a Big Old Philanthropist!

It's a great word, "philantropist". Donkey obviously knows what it means, but when he swishes it around inside that big, hairy muzzle of his, it always conjures up images of a dirty, bearded old man, piece of straw dangling from his gappy smile, rocking back and forwards on his verandah, picking his banjo.

Time to get to work, Donkey!

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